Wheat Flour Production in Zarin Khoosheh Co.

n order to produce world-class standard flours, the production plant of Zarin Khoosheh Co. hires experienced and skillful staff and employs young trained specialists. In addition, the use of state-of-the-art roller production system, has enabled the department to work simultaneously in two separate and independent production lines with maximum power and efficiency. These items, result in maximum output and optimize the use of space and personnel in the same time.

The equipment and facilities provided in production plant enable it to produce more than 800 tons of wheat flour daily.

Production Capacity

Production of more than 800 tons of flour daily by using two separate lines enables Zarin Khoosheh Co. to supply 240,000 tons of flour for the related customer industries annually.

Modern Machinery and Equipment

Use of the world’s most professional machinery and equipment with roller technology by Buhler and Petkus, enable Zarin Khoosheh Co. to produce the highest-possible quality wheat flour.

Technical & Engineering Management

Zarin Khooseh Flour Company has constantly refurbished and installed new equipment
and machinery in production lines, in order to improve and upgrade its production
technologies, quality and quantity of the products. The continuity of this policy
is a business success principal. In this regard, using qualified personnel
trained by the Swiss Buhler and German Petkus companies in addition
of harnessing the latest technologies and machinery has resulted in
avoiding stoppage and deploying the machinery in its best possible
condition and increasing the overall feedback so much.
The civil and utility engineering department provides the
appropriate infrastructure for machinery installation,
maintenance of wheat and flour, as well as
providing the appropriate facilities.

Production Process Management


Online Production Management

Control of production lines is carried out using computers and precision process control tools to provide the highest standard of flour production.


High Quality and Variety

The Mixing Plant technology enables the production of proprietary formulations with different percentages of qualitative parameters such as gluten, protein, etc. for ease of use in different industries. Utilizing this technology, Zarin khoosheh is able to produce flours with the needed qualities and quantities of each parameters and to prevent the waste from growing due to the lack of suitable and standard flour in traditional and industrial units.

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