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شركت زرين خوشه

In 1996, Zarin Khoosheh Hashtgerd Co. (PJS), started their enterprise in the field of wheat flour production.
The Company has partnered with the world’s most renowned brands such as Buhler (Switzerland), Petkus (Germany), Prado (Spain) and others, to professionally engineer production and maintenance processes in addition to provide modern machinery and equipment, to become the nation’s leading producer of high quality wheat flour with the capacity of 100,000 tons of wheat storage, 800 tons of flour production daily and 240.000 tons annually.
The R&D and TQM departments are equipped with modern and high-level laboratories which have a great role in high quality assurance in storage and production phases and in diversification of flour production according to different needs of customers.
Selection and supply of high quality wheat, are of main factors for a high quality flour production. Accordingly, Zarin Khoosheh has strict standards for this factor to be set and met.


مؤســس و بنیانگــــــذار زرین خوشه

In not-too-distant years, wheat flour was traditionally produced by outdated equipment resulting in poor quality flour and high range of wastage of which the consumable bread was the most important part.
Meanwhile, Mr. Fayazollah Sharifi (with a rich engineering background) responsibly decided to enhance the quality of the flour and to increase the quality of the consumable bread for Iranian families. He succeeded to establish a large advanced production complex, knowned as one of the first modern Iranian flour suppliers, kept up-to-date with world-class technologies.
Now, the brand name of Zarin Khoosheh is recognized as one of the most well-equipped flour mills in Iran which supplies top quality products with highest production capacity.

شرکت برتر کشور در حوزه صنایع غذایی، 1394
نشان کیفیت و بهره وری   1393
شرکت برتر در رعایت حقوق مصرف کنندگان، 1392 تا کنون
تندیس چهره  ماندگار مدیریت کشــــور ، 1393
تندیس چهره  ماندگار صنعت، معدن تجارت، 1395



Honesty and Ethics / Respect for the Staff / Innovation and Development Customer Orientation


Commitment to supply high quality and high standard flours for industrial and traditional units to increase the quality of the final flour-based products, specially the consumable bread.


The best and the largest company of wheat flour production and other  wheat-based products provision until 2024 in the Middle East (in the fields of product quality, production capacity and customer satisfaction).

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